Optimize the productivity of your staff when they're working from home. Build efficient, self-directed teams who feel empowered to work in collaborative and innovative ways with their team. 

Effective team working is crucial to productivity and central to the engagement and motivation of staff whether onsite or remote. But as the workplace shifts in response to COVID-19, it is safe to expect that Remote or Virtual working will play a significant part in the 'new normal'.

Recent studies show that most companies expect 50% of the workforce to be working remotely in the next 10 years. This course will enable you to increase the productivity of your remote staff by building and managing efficient, self-directed teams, empowered to work in collaborative and innovative ways in their virtual setting.

The V-TEAM course:

Virtual – Remote working in a team requires particular skills and innovative forms of collaboration.

Trust - Central to effective team building, we work to develop trust in a novel environment where face to face reassurance and confirmation is not possible.

Engagement - Ensure staff commitment both to the team and to its purpose in the remote setting.

Accountability - How to establish where the buck stops and find effective feedback models when regular structures are disrupted.

Motivation - Empowerment and ensuring effective delegation from a distance.


  • Gain an understanding of the infrastructural adjustments necessary to establish effective remote team working
  • The ground rules for optimising productivity amongst remote teams"
  • The four key requirements for Leading Virtual Teams – Trust, Engagement, Accountability and Motivation.
  • Where leading a virtual team differs from leading an onsite one – and most crucially where it doesn't!

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