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Event Experts transform events into remarkable experiences. They design event details and activities to be memorable for attendees and participants through careful strategic planning and execution.

Events are overarching strategic marketing tools used by brands and companies to communicate and create value propositions for customers. It is used to build brands through activation, seminars and conferences, trade exhibitions, display merchandising, and selling.

At the end of the webinar, the participants will be able to understand the framework of events in their life cycle/phases; the strategic role of event organizers and managers in producing and managing successful events.

Learn the ideation process in conceptualizing and implementing event themes, merchandising, and styling.

Know how to leverage technologies in doing event management and campaigns.

Understand financial management, budgeting, fundraising, food catering and banqueting, and evaluation of events.

Be a part of this webinar and learn best practices in event management!

Key Webinar Topics:

1. The Life Cycle of Events

– Discussion on the 5 phases of event management

2. Event Marketing and Promotions

– Campaign for participation (delegates, exhibitors, seminar attendees, VIPs)

– Marketing and Promotion Mix

3. Event Financial Management

– Discussion on Event Profit & Loss, Break-Even Point, Profit Ratios

– Fund raising and sponsorships for Events

4. Event Technology

– Leveraging technologies for event management (website, registration, promotion campaign, ticketing, special effects).

5. Event Creatives and Merchandising

– Event theme, creative storytelling, and merchandising for distinct character and style

6. Event Food & Beverage Requirements and Banqueting

– Discussion on menus, banqueting, waitering, physical set-up, room assignments

7. Event Evaluation

– Discussion on feedback forms, survey questionnaires, data collection

8. Event Case Presentation

– 3 Participants to present an event project

Meet the Speaker

Melanie Farrell


Melanie Farrell holds a degree in Mathematics and is the International Business Development Manager for International Crisis Room (ICR360) a global leader networking for personal involved in risk, crisis, safety and emergency response management. She has over 20 years of expertise in management consulting, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration in both the public and private sectors.

As part of giving back to society, Melanie is committed to educating students in Mathematics and developing their future skills in Math's, science and IT. 

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