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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – an awareness training course.

It's not about Sex…it's about Power

Welcome to ADVANCES – in this online course you'll be examining the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace from both the individual's point of view and as it impacts employers and organizations.

In the course you will be looking at four main areas.

1. IDENTIFICATION – helping you to identify accurately what might be an incident of sexual harassment in the workplace.

2. IMPACT – we'll be looking at the damaging effects of sexual harassment in the workplace, both on individuals and on entire organizations.

3. CAUSES – how workplace cultures, attitudes and practices can create an environment where the risk of sexually harassing behaviour is increased.

4. STRATEGIES – we'll be suggesting some strategies both for how to prevent and also how to respond to incidents, as an individual and as an organization.



  • To provide an illustration of legal and official definitions such as that found in the Equality Act 2010, where sexual harassment is defined as 'unwanted sexual conduct'
  • To examine the issues of consent and intent – recognizing that harassing behaviour is more about the response of the recipient than the intention of the perpetrator
  • To examine misconceptions such as: it's only about male on female behaviour and that 'the workplace' only means when you're at your normal place of work


  • To demonstrate the emotional case for confronting issues of sexual harassment – the damaging impact on the individual, including loss of power and ability.
  • Also, to demonstrate the business case – the destructive nature of a hostile work environment leading to absenteeism, reduction in productivity, litigation, reputational damage and prosecution.


  • To illustrate why sexual harassment in the workplace is an equality and diversity issue.
  • Identify how the misuse of power results in a hostile working environment and vastly increases the risk of incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace.


  • To demonstrate and discuss the difficulty of, but the importance of, the individual 'doing something' to regain control of the situation.
  • To provide clear suggestions for management on how to create a working environment that minimizes the risk of incidents.
  • To provide suggestions for how to respond effectively to incidents - as an individual, as a 'bystander' and as an organization.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Sexual Harassment Awareness

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